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A Personal Garden Oasis

Following a recent kitchen extension, our client’s wanted to create a personal garden oasis to extend their living space. Small spaces require flexibility to maximise their use and this couple wanted to entertain and relax in their garden.

The garden faces north so the sun reaches the bottom of the garden during the summer months. This creates an opportunity for seating in the sun and the shade and the furniture can be moved from one space to the other, depending on the occasion.

The view from the house is key in a small garden as it creates a picture image all year round. Pleached crab apples provide screening and both Spring and Autumn colour, and a feature multi-stem Acer palmatum provides year round structure and form.

Mature trees beyond the garden provide a borrowed landscape and green backdrop to the garden. Cedar cladding screens the boundaries and is repeated in the low dividing wall that defines and separates the paved areas.

Even in a small garden it’s possible to inject a little intrigue by hiding some of the areas from view, enticing you out to explore.

The planting scheme is simple with colour and interest through the seasons. The painted black fences are a bold choice and behave like a shadow disappearing into the background. Plant colours really pop out against the background.

The clients enjoy having friends round for BBQ’s and film nights under the stars and the cladding even provides a great place to hang their wetsuits for a quick hose down and drip dry!

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A Personal Garden Oasis
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