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Wildflowers and Country Views

We transformed a long garden with fields beyond by removing the fence at the bottom of the garden and opening up the country views. A small seating area surrounded by wildflowers is the perfect spot to watch the sun go down.

Extending a small awkward patio creates a large, airy paved terrace framed by raised beds. Large, deep steps provide a safe access point to the main garden area. A pretty garden shed breaks the journey through the garden and more height is achieved with multi-stem Betula utilis var. ‘Jacquemontii’ trees. Three steel arches lead the way to the secluded seating area.

Once the shrub planting has matured the boundaries of the garden will be softened and provide more structure and year-round colour and interest, whilst being low maintenance.

Geometric, triangular beds in a long garden are a useful way of creating deeper areas for planting without overdoing the overall size of the beds.

Subtle lighting design extends the use of the garden into the evening and provides another level of aesthetic during the winter months. The steps are lit for safety and the topiary balls in the raised bed are uplit as well as the steel arches and wildflower meadow.

This garden design considers all the practical aspects, such as large seating areas for dining, access to mow the lawn and storage. These are combined with shrubs, trees and wildflowers to create a unique garden that brings the country views to centre stage.

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