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  • Low-Allergen Garden 3
    Low-Allergen Garden
  • Communal Garden Show Home Garden
    Communal Garden
  • Gravel Garden
    Dry Gravel Garden
  • Sloping Driveway
    Sloping Driveway
  • Small Spaces Courtyard Garden
    Courtyard Garden
  • A Tropical Twist
    A Tropical Twist
  • Luxury Apartments
    Luxury Apartments
  • Planting Schemes
    Island Bed White Garden
  • Formal Front Garden
    Formal Front Garden
  • Rural Country Retreat
    Rural Country Retreat
  • Updated Village Garden
    Updated Village Garden
  • Front Garden
    Stylish Front Garden
  • Modern Cottage Garden
    Modern Cottage Garden
  • Town Garden
    Large Town Garden
  • Cottage Front Garden
    Cottage Front Garden
  • Combined Front Garden
    Combined Front Garden
  • Urban Front Garden
    Urban Front Garden
  • Sloping Family Garden
    Sloping Family Garden
  • Outdoor Living
    Outdoor Living
  • Wildflowers and Country Views
    Wildflowers and Country Views


After five years, our garden is maturing into a wonderful space which is used daily and has given us such lasting pleasure. We couldn't have wished for a better design!

Elaine Persin

Sarah really understood the challenges we were trying to solve with the garden. She has a wealth of knowledge on plant types for colour, structure, scent and seasonal interest. Creating a scheme that has added beautiful views and value to our home.

Sam Honey

Sarah was great. We wanted to dramatically change our front garden but did not really know how to achieve this, Sarah came up with a few designs (that were amazing). We would not have our garden now which we still love 3 years on if not for Sarah

Michael Palmer