Modern Cottage Garden

Planting Schemes

Plants brings a garden to life and a good planting scheme will ensure you have colour, interest and structure throughout the seasons.

When I select plants for your garden a number of factors need to be considered to ensure the plants establish well and thrive, giving you years of pleasure. Whether a planting scheme is part of a full design project or a smaller plan for a new border, the site and soil conditions, aspect, level of maintenance and style of garden all form the basis of the plant choices. The late Beth Chatto first introduced the idea of ‘the right plant in the right place’ and it’s a mantra that has stood the test of time.

I work closely with trade nurseries and professional associations, to ensure that myself and the team stay up to date with trends, new plant developments and cultivars, bio-security measures, pests and diseases and sustainable best practice.

Clients have different levels of gardening experience and ongoing maintenance of your new garden is as important as the initial installation. Gardens evolve over time, young plants grow into their space and the garden takes shape. If you are not a gardener, or you just don’t have the time, it is worth considering hiring a professional gardener to ensure your garden matures in a managed fashion and who can work with you to develop the space over future years.

How do I keep my new garden looking good?

To help give my clients a little confidence and knowledge about their new plants, I offer a one year sponsored membership to Shoot Gardening.

A personalised, online garden notebook with a list of all your plants, photos for easy identification, maintenance tips and monthly ‘What to do now’ emails.

This is a useful support tool as you get to know your new garden.