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Front Gardens

Front gardens and driveways come in all shapes and sizes. They are primarily a functional space with several uses, including access to the property, garage and parking. As a result, taking all of this into consideration, often proves a challenge for clients. Despite this, they are high areas of traffic and offer a great opportunity to cheer you up on your way in and out the house. 

The RHS campaign ‘Greening Grey Britain’ advises the public on how to use these spaces more creatively to support wildlife, reduce flooding risk and improve the nations health.

Even small areas offer a design opportunity to frame the property, emphasise an entrance or path, or provide some privacy. On a busy road, trees help reduce pollution from exhaust fumes and an evergreen hedge can provide a vital wildlife corridor.

In contrast, large front gardens are at risk of becoming bland areas of hard landscaping. Good design, considering the movement of vehicles, parking and access, can turn your entrance into a real asset. Furthermore, a strong planting scheme that works in harmony with the practicalities of the space, enhances the landscape.

In some cases, the property’s main garden is at the front of the house and shares the space with the driveway. In addition, these gardens often lack privacy and as a result are under-utilised. A design that creates definition and screening can really improve the experience and usability of the garden.