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Garden Lighting

In the UK we spend more time looking out on our gardens than we do in them and during the winter months our gardens are in the dark from late afternoon. Therefore it makes sense to consider how to maximise those views all year round and garden lighting is the answer.

Less is more when designing lighting and should be considerate to both neighbours and wildlife. Used effectively, lighting can provide another dimension to your garden creating a relaxed, calm space whilst emphasising plants or features that may not be the stars of the garden in the daylight.

Lighting can be divided into three applications; Functional, Aesthetic and Feature and the right combination can extend the pleasure of your garden all year round. Functional lighting is used to light routes such as paths and steps. Aesthetic lighting can uplight a structure, whilst feature lighting can create an attractive effect on a wall, for example. Using wifi control boxes means that you can now control your lights, even from your phone!

It’s always worth considering lighting in the design project because armoured cable can be installed during the build stage. The lights can then be fitted by an electrician at a later date, without disturbing the new garden.