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Water Features

The use of water in a garden adds to the mood and feel of the space. The sound of moving water, be it a large pond with fountains or a rippling water bowl, stimulates the senses and provides a water source for wildlife.

A water feature can take many forms and they don’t need to blow the budget. A simple birdbath or bowl can create a great focal point in the garden without needing to go to the expense of pumps and filters.

Setting a waterblade or spout into a wall provides vertical interest in the garden and is an ideal solution in a small space.

Ponds, both formal and informal, add another dimension to the garden and provide an opportunity to use aquatic plants, marginals and livestock.

Water offers the designer the chance to explore reflections, the play of light on the surface and the sound of water that can help to divert attention away from unwanted noise such as a busy road.