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Show Home Gardens

Show home gardens and community spaces, require a different design approach to residential gardens. The brief can be quite limited, and these gardens are appealing to all the potential purchasers visiting the marketing suite. Furthermore, the gardens have to provide colour and maturity even in winter, as show homes are often launched around the Christmas period.

We have identified that the key to a successful show garden planting scheme is to use mature plants, plenty of evergreen structure and foliage colour. Along with this, plants are spaced closely together in order to create the illusion of a more mature garden.

Including some mature trees in the design provides instant height and structure. Furthermore, trees with more than one season of interest create different scenes through the year.

If a garden is part of a family home then play space and equipment can be included. That might be a timber swing, an area of lawn and room for family dining. If budget allows, including a BBQ, furniture and other props help the visitor to imagine the space more effectively.

Visitors use community spaces during the marketing period and eventually, residents will enjoy the garden. As such, an initial wow factor draws potential customers, whilst practical elements such as somewhere to sit, ensure the garden is used for years to come.