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Luxury Apartments

Hadley Wood, Hertfordshire

The luxury apartments at Mirum House in Hadley Wood are in an award winning development in Hertfordshire. This stunning development features six individually designed, state-of-the-art homes and the landscaping design, reflects the exclusivity of the homes.

Large Yew topiary beehives stand proudly either side of the grand entrance at Mirum House. Additionally, mature hedges and shrubs are planted in the communal gardens to enhance the approach to large building giving a sense of proportion. We also designed a private garden for the sole use of the Garden Flat, featuring a bespoke outdoor fireplace, raised planters and stainless steel ball focal point.

Extending beyond the garden flat, the communal grounds lead down to the tennis courts, following a winding path.  As the residents reach the steps they are flanked either side with scented lavender and Pittosporum tenuifolium for winter interest.

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