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A Tropical Twist

Bramley, Hampshire

A blank canvas is always an exciting prospect, provided by a stylish new build with just the terrace and rear garden laid to lawn. My client presented a challenge requesting a country garden with a tropical twist suitable for an English climate.

This was a planting project that required some hard landscaping to create a route through the garden and to draw the eye away from the fencing along the bottom boundary, providing interest along the way. The slate path and geometric shapes introduce a contemporary feel and the raised oak planters reflect the brick planters already in situ on the terrace. The central focal point with the Armorillary underplanted with Agapanthus africanus and Stipa gigantea, provides a year round feature that doesn’t detract from the rest of the garden.

Dicksonia antarctica and Trachycarpus fortunei, as well as Magnolia grandiflora, are planted to provide structure and height in the garden and a Photinia x fraserei ‘Red Robin’ hedge will screen the, soon to be installed, greenhouse. The dark leaves of Heuchera ‘Obsidian’ contrast beautifully with Hakonechloa macra aureola in the raised planters.

The garden is a mix of leafy foliage, texture, evergreen and perennials that when matured over the next couple of years will create a lush, leafy, tropical feel.

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