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Urban Front Garden

Tadley, Hampshire

This awkward shaped urban front garden that sloped down towards the house, has been transformed.  A utilitarian stretch of grass that was difficult to maintain, is now an interesting space with texture, structure and height.

The feature Amelanchier tree provides screening from the neighbouring houses and the low box hedge prevents pedestrians and cars from damaging the garden.

Often the side of the house, and the typical verges that run alongside, are a difficult area to manage. In this case the boundary wall with inset flint is complemented by using white Hydrangea and columnar Portuguese Laurel, creating a formal and striking approach to the house.

The garden is terraced by introducing an oak sleeper wall, retaining the new planting beds. Manipulating the terrain in this small space enables the lawn area to be laid level. Along with this, the changes in height introduce added interest to the garden.

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